Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Challenge - The Plan

The gym I work out at has a fitness challenge that will begin soon.  My "launch" date is Friday, Jan. 5, 2018.  That is the day I do my initial weigh-in, measurements, body fat check and pictures.  This is a fun little competition that I will be participating in. Would it be fun to win, yes.  But this is not why I am doing what I am doing.  I am on this journey for my health.  I have made a lot of progress, but as my trainer says, we have more work to do.  This challenge if for fun, but it is not my carrot for doing what I need to do.  You see, I challenge myself enough.  In my head this challenge is about continuing what I am doing plus giving me the motivation to amp it up a little.  It was time for that to happen anyway. 

The food plan is similar with minor tweaks.  I  changed settings in carb manager to reflect the protein Jordan wants me to have.  I was having trouble with getting my macros set on carb manager when Jordan showed me a new trick.  Now it is set to the protein, carbs and calories we need.  The fat is there and can be adjusted based on how I feel that day.   One of the keto gurus I follow,  Dr. Berg, explains this better than I do. Click HERE to see the video.

So here is my plan for now.  

The Food Plan
Calories Count 
1.  Carbs - a rule
2.  Protein - a goal
3.  Fat - to satisfied

Calories - 1200-1350 Jordan set this one and made the top rule
Carbs - No more than 20 a day for keto
Protein - Carb Manager set at 104g.  Dr. Berg suggests 61g-119g.  Jordan wants them 90g -120 so we are good here.  
Fat - to satisfied.  I will adjust based on hunger and watch closely to keep calories in check.  

The Fitness Plan
Monday - Workout with Jordan plus 30 min. cardio
Tuesday - 30 minutes 3:1 Hiit on elliptical
Wednesday - Training session with Jordan, plus 30 min. cardio
Thursday - 10 minute 1:1 Hiit on elliptical
Friday - Wednesday Jordan workout on my own plus 30 min. cardio unless I don't do Thursday's then 1:1 Hiit
Saturday - 1 hour Egnight with Dallas
Sunday - DAY OF REST!!!

Now time to consistently do these!!!!!!!

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