Thursday, January 3, 2019

I DID IT!!!!!

I have to wait till Friday's weigh-in to know my exact weight loss for December.    I have weighed in every month on the same scale for a year.  My trainer was moved to a different gym and I had my official monthly weigh-in, body fat check, measurements with him on Wednesday (first training session of the month).   But to be true to my journey, I need to compare apples to apples (same scale weigh-in) for exact amount lost.  We will use the new scale from this point forward for status checks.  

Jordan set a goal for me to break my mental challenge weight in DECEMBER.  It is that weight that every time I get close to I self sabotage and gain it all back (plus some many times).  I knew it was happening for many years but kept it to myself.  Telling Scott and Jordan was crucial for me to break it.  BUT TO BREAK IT IN DECEMBER!!  Was he crazy????  Christmas time at school, three family Christmas get togethers and my 50 birthday.  CRAZY?!?!?!

I said in an earlier post it would be CLOSE!!  And it was by .2 lbs.  

 Well guess what??????

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