Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fasting is a Form of Worship

40 Day Sugar Fast
Day 3
Matthew 2

"We live our lives consuming all the wrong things in an effort to find ourselves satisfied, my friends. But here at the start of this fast I want to encourage you with this: Only God. Only God can fill the holes you try to fill with food, money, friends, love, social media, trips to target, alcohol, or anything else."

Fasting is a form of worship.  Filling a hole in our lives.  

OH WOW!!!!  The devotional reading has this in it today.  How do these ladies know me and where I am.  They don't, but God does.  I started my wellness journey in order to get healthy.  But in hindsight and  all honesty, it started as a way to fill a missing hole in my life. I just didn't know it at the time.  

When I first began exercising,  I created a play list of songs to help keep the pace and tempo of the movement.  It also helped keep my mind from saying how much longer.  It is funny how over time, it became a moment of worship with me.  Who would have thought that 30 minutes on an elliptical could become a time of worship.  I know I have said this statement before, but it got me thinking.  Anyplace, doing anything can be a moment of worship.  But I regress.  Over the course of the year, I noticed that I wanted to be at the gym more and more.  Now part of it was I began to enjoy what I was doing and the results I was getting.  But now I see, that a major part of it was getting excited about worshiping my Lord and Savior.  Exercise and sweating (yuck) that I originally hated touched by presence of Jesus can became an amazing place to camp at and a place I truly wanted to be.  Worship can be anywhere.  Anyplace, doing anything can be a moment of worship if you invite Jesus to join you.  

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