Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Struggle is Real: It is a Mental Fight

I love my keto lifestye.  However, my progress has slowed and I am at a crucial number on the scale.  It is a physical number but it is SOOO much more.  See every time I get close to this number, I self sabotage myself.  It happened in November, I just stopped tracking and did not do as many cardio' s as I should.   Excuses started to creep back in.  Not as many as before, but just enough to stall (not stall - slow down) the progress.  

See until this point, I knew that this always happened but I never shared it with anyone.  First I told Scott, see he loves me no matter what and is very safe.  My secret can stay in my house and no one but us has to know.  Funny how Satan starts to halt progress that way - SECRETS!!!!!!!  Then I put on my brave pants and told Jordan.  Now that is scary because it is no longer just in my house.  It is now out there with someone who can help me break the mental barrier.  He set a goal to break this physical number by the end of December.  Right after 4 Christmas', 1 birthday and New Years.  REALLY!!!!  I was just hoping to maintain over December.  NOPE - He said we are doing this over December.  That meant I had to be spot on with my eating, tracking and macros.   I had to do my extra workout each week.  I had to get my cardio's in.  For Jordan, it is all about habits.  And he is right.  I had a habit of self sabotage and it needs to be broken.  So we developed a December plan.  Jordan made me screen shot my planner each night and send it to him.  I even forgot one night and he sent me a screen shot my planner and told me to not forget dinner.  See I shared access with him in my tracker and he can look anytime and see what I have eaten in my Carb Manager app.  I have gotten in most of my cardio's.  But the one part of this plan we disagreed on - PROTEIN!  He has been working on me increasing this for 6 months.  Did I do it in December - sorta, but not really.  (That's a post for another day)

Am I going to break that physical number???  It will be close. See I had to lose about 3-4 lbs in December and that is HARD where I am in my transformation and my age.   I find out officially on Friday.  Will I be devastated and give up because I did not reach the goal.  NO!!!  As I have learned in this past year, adjust and move forward.  Look at the data and then do what Jordan tells me to fix it.  Do what he has been telling me to do for 6 months.  

The struggle is real!
The fight is hard!
The results are worth it!

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