Monday, December 31, 2018

I Might Be a Little Stubborn

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Jordan is an amazing trainer.  He has helped me love the gym.  He has supported my keto lifestyle.  He has encouraged me when the scale did not move. He has celebrated with me when it did.  He has put my focus on inches, body fat % and clothing changes and less on the scale.  

Jordan has been wanting me to increase the protein in my diet for over 6 months.  This is to help support where I am in my training sessions.   My stubborn self said (in my head), what I am doing is working so just keep doing what you are doing.  To him, I just said that is not keto.  Thank God he is patient with me.  

My progress has slowed over the last few months and in November the body fat % went up.  Stubborn Kim just kept doing what she had been doing.  Jordan set a goal for the end of December to break my mental scale number.  He told me if I increased my protein a little, we would see results.  What did I do??? Stubborn Kim, kept doing what I had been doing.   

We are close to the end of December.  Will I break that number? Maybe, it will be close but not close enough.  I wanted to KILL that number.  That won't happen.  If I had listened and done what Jordan said, I would have killed it. 

So stubborn Kim has a choice to make.  Keep doing what you are doing or listen to Jordan.  

Saturday night, I made the decision to do what Jordan wants me to.  I changed the settings on my carb manager to show the protein levels he wants, the carbs I want, and will adjust the calories with fat consumption.  I will still be doing keto, with a slight adjustment.  

JORDAN YOU WIN!!!!!!!!! 

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