Friday, December 21, 2018

2019 Word of the Year: Empower

Every November 1, I begin praying for God to give me a word that will help guide and direct my (or sometimes give meaning to) journey for the upcoming year.  Normally this takes a long time of prayer, scripture reading and silence. This year was very different. I started praying for the word on November 1 and had the word within 5 days, but did not know it at the time.  It was my Assistant Principal, now Principal, telling me something school related. She was empowering me to do something. I did not make the connection at the time. Then in my quiet time, a scripture, Ephesians 3:16, kept popping in my mind - still no connection made.  I guess I was a little slow to put the two together or possibly to accept it. Ok, I'm not that slow, it was only 4 days. But where I was (spiritually, mentally and physically) at the beginning of November, that was an eternity.

So a little back story. I had only met my then assistant principal shortly before she said this. In fact, when I first met her, there was a leap in my spirit and God clearly saying, I told I would take care of this. But trust had not been established at this point. I was praying for a word from the Lord and for a resolution to a major situation in my work life. It took a few days before I realized that God spoke the word through her. That had never happened to me before. Usually, the word pops in my head and won't go away. This time the scripture popped in my head and would not go away. Then I put the two together.

When I finally realized it - I did not know what it meant or how it would apply to my life. That day a FB post showed up with the word with lots of possible applications of the word Empower. So no idea where this is headed, but am looking forward to the journey.

Here we go!  

2019 Word of the Year

Ephesians 3:16

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