Friday, December 28, 2018

1 Year with Jordan

Yesterday, December 27, 2018, marked one year of me working out with Jordan.  

WOW!!!  I don't even recognize the me I used to be both physically and mentally.  

December 2017
December 2018
I hate tracking my food.
Tracking gets me results.
Nobody will notice if I cheat.
This is a lifestyle and I will stick to the plan.
Change sucks.
I get excited about the change in workouts.
I hate to exercise.
I love to exercise.
Scott asks Kim to go workout, Kim says YES – Scott is surprised.
Scott asks Kim to go workout, Kim says No – Scott is surprised.
I hate shopping for new clothes.
Scott tells me to stop buying myself new clothes. 
I don’t stick to any food or exercise program.
1 year of keto and working out on a regular basis.
I hide my true personality behind the fat.
I found me! 
Plan trips around where we will eat.
Plan trips around where we can get more movement in.
My favorite treats are cookies, candy, cheesecake, and puffy Cheetos.
My favorite treats are blackberries, strawberries and cookie dough fat bombs. 
I ate my stress with very unhealthy foods. 
I ball slam my stress at the gym. 
I eat sugar daily.
I have not had sugar in 1 year.
I can exercise on a recumbent bike for 5 -15 minutes.
I can exercise on an elliptical for 45 minutes or do a 3:1 HiiT for 30 minutes or a 1:1 HiiT for 10 minutes. 
I set health goals and do not follow through. 
I set health goals and meet them.
I bought personal training sessions knowing when I gave up Scott could use them.
I have been working out with Jordan, my personal trainer, for 1 year.
Gave excuses for not working out.
Workout even when I am exhausted or injured.
No time No Exercise
I plan my days and weeks around my workout schedules. 
Held a grudge for the amount of time Scott spent at the gym. 
Now we work out together. 
Size 22 Jean
Size 8 jean
Rolled my eyes at Scott when he talked about the successes in the gym.
Now we are watching each other’s successes.
Did not understand what Scott was doing in the gym.
I can now correct his form. 
Hated exercise.
Asked for exercise clothes and workout tools for Christmas and Birthday. 
I can’t ……..
I can’t yet, but give me a month and I will be able to.
You want me to do WHAT?!
Bring it on!!!!!!!!
If I’m in pain – you’re fired.
I tell Jordan if I am in pain and we adjust and keep moving forward

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