Sunday, March 4, 2018

Day of Rest

I was convicted a few years ago about having a complete day of rest.  Since that time, I have tried to dedicate Sunday as that day.  For a year, it got interrupted by something God called Scott and I to do.  It was both had and wonderful all at the same time.  I loved working with the kids (ok they are not kids, but I have known some of them since they were babies - so they will always be kids to me).  It was hard to give up the day of rest a couple of times a month.  But I felt God called us to do this so I knew it was the right thing.  After the year, I felt God told me to stop, so I did. 

Day of Rest for me consists of calm morning, church, SAMS run (it is right next to church) and then home and not leave or really do much.  I read, blog, listen to music, watch a movie - basically nothing.  Many times I sit in a quiet house and am just still and listen.  It is amazing how often God speaks to us when we are still.  

Now to last weekend.  We had the marriage retreat plus a special even for my mother and father in love.  It meant that I did not get to work out on Friday.  I really missed it.  Off and on all Friday and Saturday I kept thinking that since I could not go Friday, I could go on Sunday.  Every time the words Day of Rest popped into my head.  On Sunday,  I needed to catch up on my bible reading, so I layed in bed and just read.  FIVE different places I was reading mentioned Day of Rest or that Jesus or God rested.  Then during communion at church, I read in two more places where God or Jesus rested or commanded people to rest.

OK GOD I GET IT!!!!!!!  

I NEED TO REST!!!!!!!  
I WILL OBEY!!!!!!!

It was almost comical, 7 times God put those verses right in front of me.  So what did I do, I rested!!!!  Thank You God for helping me keep my priorities in line.  

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