Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trying it VS Lifestyle

In December, I bought a specific amount of training sessions. These would equal about 3 months if I go 2 times a week.  So yesterday, I went and checked to see how many sessions I had left and look at the price to continue using Jordan longer.  Well the price went up and was going up more in March quite a bit.  Scott and I needed to have a budget meeting to see if we could swing it.  If I sign up for monthly I would lock into a better rate, but we have to do this before Wednesday.  

I knew spending this much per month would be hard for Scott to agree with.  I told him how much and that I would like to continue and then just let him think about it before we talked about it.  I knew this would take some time.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  He took 4 month to decide on a refrigerator.  This decision took less than 2 hours of thought.  He said yes, no discussion needed.  He knew I was headed in the right health direction and that I needed help and support this to continue.  

I JUST SIGNED UP FOR MONTH TO MONTH TRAINING SESSIONS!!!  This is really becoming a lifestyle change for me.  

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