Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's All About Choice

It has been a VERY rough day. Schedule changes, indoor recess AGAIN, class not at their best today and my trainer is sick so no session today. My stress level is through the roof. It would be so easy to go to home get in my PJ's and eat everything in site.

I have a choice to make (well I have already made it). I choose to go to the gym anyway. I choose to do the arm exercises my trainer sent me. I choose to do a cardio after. I choose to eat healthy today. I choose to let today go and be ready for tomorrow. It is all about choice.

>>>> Update>>>>>
I went to the gym and did 45 minute of cardio.  I asked for help in how to work a specific machine that Jordan sent in a video for me to use.  Adam (works at Texas Family Fitness) was kind enough to show me where it was and how to use it.  Then one of the other members showed me how to hook up the next exercise.  I knew how to do that one, just did not know how to hook up the equipment.  Then I did the last exercise.  The planks I did at home.  I am so proud of myself.  

Hard to believe that it has only been 7 weeks since I started this journey.  Funny how God works.  I needed to be at the gym today because my thighs were still hurting from Monday's leg day - specifically the walking lunges.  For the first time I reached pain.  The place I always quit.  I knew I would go to the gym today because Jordan was expecting me, but he was sick and not there so it would have been soooo easy to not go.  No one would know except me.  "Not today!  I am tired and I need to let my legs rest.  It would have been the first step towards quitting.  I don't want to quit, I want to get stronger.  

God, thank you for showing me that I am mentally stronger than I think.  It would have been easy to quit, but with Your strength, I am strong enough to overcome and work through the mental weakness and physical pain.  I choose to get healthy and stronger.  

It's all about choice!

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