Thursday, December 28, 2017

I Survived the Personal Trainer - Maybe

Yesterday I had my evaluation with my personal trainer, Jordan. He asked a lot of questions and seemed to really listen. He seemed knowledgeable about TOS and the Keto lifestyle. 

This was so impressive to me. He talked to me about how to keep my body from being hurt.  These were things I already knew but he knew them also.  That is a first.  Most trainers say they know - but do exercises and stretches that cause my condition to flare. 

He was also knowledgeable about the keto lifestyle and could even communicate well what I needed to do with my diet on workout days.  Simple - save most of my carbs for just before working out.  That was easy!!!!  Most trainers don't know anything about keto.  He was even able to talk to me about nutritional ketosis taking two weeks to get into and that it is very hard to keep in ketosis.  I tried to explain Keto:OS and exogenous ketones, but he is not familiar with that.  HE WILL BE!  

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