Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Exercise - Part of the Plan - Like it or Not

My plan is not fully in place yet, but it is getting started.  The morning of my birthday, I ate a very healthy keto friendly breakfast, drank my ketones and drank 30 oz of water.   Then Scott and I went to workout.  I am jealous of his love to work out.  I know I need to do it, but really don't like doing it or the time it takes to do it.  

I got on the bike and peddled for 30 minutes.  That is good.  I really don't understand all the bells and whistles on the bike or target heart rates - that I need to learn.  The bike adjust tension as my heart rate goes up or down based on what I tell it - I just don't know what to tell it. 

Exercise - part of the plan - like it or not

I NEED HELP!  But I need the right person to help me.  So for my birthday present to myself, I bought some sessions with a personal trainer.  SCARY SCARY SCARY!!!  I talked with the manager at the gym.  The trainer had to be just right.  More like a friend than a coach and they had to follow my # 1 rule. NO PAIN!  If I have pain, I will quit. I have enough internal competitiveness and drive to push myself.  I want this to be a slow process.  

I texted back and forth with the trainer and if what they say is true - I may have found the right person for me.  

"He indeed fill me in.  I am a firm believer in starting off very slow.  My first objective is to strengthen the brain.  Many people start by attacking the body, but the brain is what sends the message to the muscle and when first starting out, it often has trouble doing so.  Attacking the core is a big part of the program as it will allow other muscle to work more efficiently as well as keep away any pains or injuries.  So we will get a great program for you, it will just require feedback.  In the first couple of weeks, feedback is extremely important as to how your body is responding and to know which direction to take.  I'll go over more tomorrow.  Looking forward to it!  See you at 12"

So today at noon, I meet Jordan.  Praying that he will listen to me!   

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