Sunday, December 31, 2017

Day 3 No Sugar or Junky Carbs

I just finished day 3 of no sugar.  Boy have the last two days been hard.  Bad headaches, feeling yucky and only sugar on the brain.  This is the detox process, I know that - but hate it.  

I have done this many times before.  I know that once the detox process is over, I will feel soooo much better.  This process normally takes 1 week for the bad side effects to stop and another for the cravings to go away.  I did things a little different this time.  

I cut out sugar cold and junky carbs cold turkey and drank my ketones 2 times a day.  Day 1 & 2 - not fun. Detoxing and cravings were at an all time high.   Day 3 no more headaches and no cravings. 

Here is the back story.

Back in April, I was introduced to Pruvit Keto:OS, exogenous ketones.  At that time, I was already doing Trim Healthy Mama, with very slow progress.  However, I felt better than I had in a while.  When I started drinking my ketones every day, while still doing THM, I started having a lot of fat loss.  This was AMAZING!  

Then school started back up and I started eating what I wanted, lots of sugar, no movement other than in the classroom.  Needless to say, I felt crappy, and gained back everything, plus some, that I had lost.  

I felt ok - but kept gaining.  I can drink my ketones and go into ketosis,  but calories and quality food still play a big part also.  MY DIET MATTERS!!!

So now I am starting day 4 of no sugar or junky carbs, exercising, and starting back to a more keto friendly lifestyle.  It works for me, so lets do it.   

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