Tuesday, December 26, 2017


December 26, 2017

Today is my 49th birthday.  Crazy as it may sound, I stepped on the scale today and did NOT like what I saw.  For the first time in my life I am in the 200's.  I AM NOT HAPPY!!!! 

I kinda knew it would not be good.  But I did not know it was that BAD!  I know what I have done to get me here and what I have not done to keep me from getting here.

  • sugar
  • carbs
  • water
  • exercise
  • calorie

I have got to get these things under control.  I am really good a getting mad and starting to fix the problem.  I am really bad at staying at it for the long hall.  I know this.  Today that has to change.  I need a plan.

Planning is the easy part - because you don't have to do anything with the plan.  Doing the plan is the hard part.  Staying with the plan is the hardest part.

But I  have to start somewhere, so today I start planning.  I am not sure what that will entail exactly.  But my weight gain has to stop now!!!!!!!!

Today's main goal is to be very careful what I eat and do, but also enjoy my birthday.  Starting it off well.  Drank my water and ketones.  I have stepped on the scale - YUCK.  I will take measurements shortly - not looking forward to seeing that either.

I also and going to set my plan up, and get ready to fully implement tomorrow.

I plan to blog about what I am doing and my successes and failures.  This is very therapeutic for me.  I have created this separate blog just for my journey.    I have failed so many times, that I am not ready for others to see what I am planning or writing.  I plan to eventually make them public, but for now, it is just for me.

Let's get this party started.

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