Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Hormone Reset Diet: Week 2 results

Some have asked if I am still doing following Weight Watchers.  The answer is YES.  I follow simply filling (very easy to do with The Hormone Reset).  I do not track foods that are on the Simply Filling list and track those are not on the list.  Right now, I am not eating much (if any) foods that are not on the list, so tracking has become easy.  

The reason I am doing The Hormone Reset Diet is that I felt like my hormones and metabolism were out of wack.  I always want to look for a natural approach to deal with any issues in my body and this fit in with everything I had researched and was all food based.  

I am so pleased with week two results.  

Week 2 results:
Weight loss:    3.4 lbs (9.6  total)

Thigh - 1 inch (3 inches total)
Waist - 3.5 inches (4 inches total)
Hip - 1 inches (3 inches total)

The hard is going to get harder beginning today.  Today is caffeine free.  I expect the next few days to not be much fun, but I know I can do it!!!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where Did This Energy Come From

"Who are you?  You can't be my wife.  It is the day before school gets out and you want to go for a walk."  This is what my husband said to me tonight.  

The last month of school and especially the last two weeks of school have always been exhausting.  That means, eating out more and/or Scott having to cook dinner because I do not have the energy to.  When I get home, my recliner is my best friend and I am usually dozing in the recliner by 7:30.  Exercise routines stop for most of May and all of the the last two weeks of school.  If Scott wants to go to the store - the answer is "No I can't go with you tonight."

That has not been the case this year.  I am tired, because I am working hard on cleaning out and packing for summer break and trying to keep kindergartners learning when their brains have checked out for summer.  It is hard and demanding both physically and mentally.  I have been amazed at how much energy I am having.  I am working just as hard at school, but coming home and cooking/ cleaning each night.  In addition, I have energy to walk.  Some nights more than others, but I am still walking.  I even went to three stores with Scott the last day of school.  That is the day I got over 20,000 steps.  

This Hormone Reset is working!