Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vegetables Taste Different

In my last post I wrote about “loving vegetables”.  I wish I did love them.  However after last week’s loss, I have a greater respect for them.  I am learning to like them more and more.  I know eventually I will love eating.  For now, I love the results I am getting eating them.  Dr. Sara says, "...vegetables are the best medicine when it comes to healing hormone imbalances that cause broken metabolism."  Guess that is what I am seeing right now.    

Dr. Sara talks about in her book that “experts” tells us to eat 7-9  servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Like many others, I increased the fruit I was eating, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit.  Day 7 in the reset was hard because you go fruitless (for a short time).  Only ½ cup of berries a day.  

I cannot tell you how hard this was for me.   What made it easier was her explaining why I am doing this.  Who knew that there was a hormone, leptin, that is effective by fructose (sugar in fruit).  

Leptin is very important for many reasons.  One is that it is leptin is “nature’s appetite suppressant.”  Dr. Sara says, “When you overeat fructose, your leptin levels rise excessively – not only do you get fat but you feel ravenous too. …..   The result:  leptin levels keep rising, receptors stop functioning – so your body doesn’t get the leptin signal, and you don’t feel full; you keep eating the wrong foods in an addictive pattern, and you keep gaining weight.” The Hormone Reset Diet, Dr.  Sara Gottfried.  

Understanding the “why” behind going fruitless, really made it easier.  

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