Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hormone Reset - Tweaks I am Making

I am on Day 5 of The Hormone Reset Diet, currently on Sugar Free, resetting my Insulin.  The stuff I am sharing today, began Day 1, but I am just now getting time to write about it.  

Dr.  Sara sells her protein shake and fiber powder that you can use for the reset.  To be honest I am not using them at all.  I have been using my Young Living Power Meal as my shake.  The reasons I chose Power Meal were that I had it in my house when I started and I had already researched the product. With two weeks left of school, I did not have the time or energy to research another product.  So I used what I knew and had.  I am also not using any fiber powder.  In my body, fiber powder acts like glue so instead of cleaning me out, it stops me up.  I have gone back to using my Young Living ComforTone.   It is kind of like doing the cleanse I did last summer, but with a specific dietary plan to go with it.   I cannot wait till weigh in and measurements on Saturday.  I can tell my stomach is smaller, quite a bit smaller. 

One of the hardest things for me is eating a pound (or more) of vegetables a day.  I don’t really like vegetables that much.  But I am committed to doing this.  She wants you to eat vegetables with every meal.  I decided to do six ounces a meal.  I keep telling myself “I love eating vegetables”.  Now this is said with dread on my face and a scowl on my face.  As the week goes, it is getting harder and harder.  I am not sure why I decided to start this the last two weeks of school - exhaustion, lack of energy, a little crazy or all of the above.     I need to research new and interesting ways to prepare veggies, but really don’t have the time.  I guess, I can look up recipes as I have a few moments, pin them on Pinterest.  Then when school gets out, I will have more time to learn how to prepare them.  For now, I will just keep eating the vegetables – a pound of vegetables – every day.  Did I tell you how much, “I love vegetables.” ?  

I have begun pinning veggie recipes on Pinterest.  If you follow me, they are under my Clean Eating/Paleo board.  If you don’t currently follow me, you can follow me HERE.  As soon as school gets out, I will start trying them.  I will do recipe reviews of the ones I try.  

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