Monday, May 25, 2015

Hormone Reset Diet

When Scott first mentioned he had listened to a couple of podcasts that had Dr. Sara Gottfried on it, I rolled my eyes.  He went on to tell me about her book Hormone Cure.  Again, I rolled my eyes and told him I was not interested.  He dropped it.  That was about a month ago.  He just kept trying to encourage me.  The more stressed I was, the worse I ate.  The worse I ate, the worse I felt and gained weight.  I kept trying to do what I knew in my head to do, but kept falling back into old habits.  I was beginning to think, that I had no will power or strength to do what was necessary to lose this weight.  Even when I ate “right”, I still felt tired, bloated, no energy – yuck. 

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I went to Downtown Grapevine to the Olive Oil store.  We love their variety of flavored olive oils.  After, we went over to Southlake Town Center, to go to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (gotta love gift cards from students).  We got there early and decided to go to Barnes and Noble and look around.  He had wanted to see the book the Hormone Cure and I appeased him.  He was having trouble locating it, but had found her new The Hormone Reset.  To basically shut him up about this, I looked at the book.  Well that changed everything.  Not only did it sound intriguing, but it incorporated many things I had learned in Weight Watchers and many things I had learned in other areas regarding natural health.   Well it cost more than I had in my personal money, so I looked it up on Amazon. The E-book was more in my budget.  I ordered it immediately.  I began reading it that night and started the next day. 

It was easy to follow and Dr. Sara explained everything very well.  Well easy in theory, but harder in reality.  Giving up something temporarily is not always easy, but worth it in the long run.  Will be posting more as I go through this journey.  

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