Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Than a Picture, More than Graduation - LOVE

Yesterday, my oldest son graduated from High School.  There were many amazing moments, loads of emotions, and even a frustrating/scary incident (involving two families and the police right behind us). 

But the highlight of the day was my mom being there.  Mom has always valued education and she has passed that on to my sister and I as well as our children.  Mom has ALS, and to be honest, we were not sure she would be here to watch her oldest grandchild graduate from high school.  So you can see why this is so important to all of us. 

Graduation with a large high school and at the convention center, makes meeting up with each other after kind of challenging.  Mom also has limited stamina and needed to go home as quickly as she could following the ceremony.  Jon knew that Nana would stay as long as she could, but there was a chance he might not see her at the ceremony. 

Jon wanted to see his Nana.  He loves her so much and was so honored she was able to make it to the ceremony. Jon exited the opposite side of the convention center, than we did.  Nana was tired, so we were trying to get her to the van and loaded as quickly as we could.  Jon called his dad who told him where we were and to hurry.  He made his was across the convention center as quickly as he could, dodging so many people as he made his way to the opposite side.  He wanted to see his Nana.  Once outside, Jon and Scott started walking very quickly trying to catch up with the rest of us who were helping Mom get to the van.  He saw us in the distance, van ramp down and about to load her into the van.  He started running fast, hat and diploma in hand and blue graduation gown flowing behind him.  I stopped Dad from loading her.  Jon had made it.  Hugs and kisses were given.  A glance that told Jon how proud his Nana was of him.  Papa, my dad, gave him a hand shake and huge hug.  Then we took some very special pictures right there on that special day, at that special location, in the special moment. 

Vegetables Taste Different

In my last post I wrote about “loving vegetables”.  I wish I did love them.  However after last week’s loss, I have a greater respect for them.  I am learning to like them more and more.  I know eventually I will love eating.  For now, I love the results I am getting eating them.  Dr. Sara says, "...vegetables are the best medicine when it comes to healing hormone imbalances that cause broken metabolism."  Guess that is what I am seeing right now.    

Dr. Sara talks about in her book that “experts” tells us to eat 7-9  servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Like many others, I increased the fruit I was eating, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit.  Day 7 in the reset was hard because you go fruitless (for a short time).  Only ½ cup of berries a day.  

I cannot tell you how hard this was for me.   What made it easier was her explaining why I am doing this.  Who knew that there was a hormone, leptin, that is effective by fructose (sugar in fruit).  

Leptin is very important for many reasons.  One is that it is leptin is “nature’s appetite suppressant.”  Dr. Sara says, “When you overeat fructose, your leptin levels rise excessively – not only do you get fat but you feel ravenous too. …..   The result:  leptin levels keep rising, receptors stop functioning – so your body doesn’t get the leptin signal, and you don’t feel full; you keep eating the wrong foods in an addictive pattern, and you keep gaining weight.” The Hormone Reset Diet, Dr.  Sara Gottfried.  

Understanding the “why” behind going fruitless, really made it easier.  

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Hormone Reset Diet: Week One Results

To say I was blown away at my Weight Watchers weigh-in would be an understatement.  I knew I had lost inches, I saw it in my stomach.  I knew of Dr. Sara's claim "3 Weeks, 7 Hormones, 15 lbs".  However, I did not believe it could really happen to me.  

Week 1 results:
Weight loss:    6.2 lbs

Thigh - 2 inches
Waist - .5 inches
Hip - 2 inches

Dr. Sara says, "You need to want the things that are good for you, even if they're hard."   This has not been easy.  Saying no to some things has been hard.  However, now seeing some great results,  I now want to feel better, want to be healthy, want to have energy.  I am willing to do what is necessary - even if it is hard (and really hard is coming).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hormone Reset - Tweaks I am Making

I am on Day 5 of The Hormone Reset Diet, currently on Sugar Free, resetting my Insulin.  The stuff I am sharing today, began Day 1, but I am just now getting time to write about it.  

Dr.  Sara sells her protein shake and fiber powder that you can use for the reset.  To be honest I am not using them at all.  I have been using my Young Living Power Meal as my shake.  The reasons I chose Power Meal were that I had it in my house when I started and I had already researched the product. With two weeks left of school, I did not have the time or energy to research another product.  So I used what I knew and had.  I am also not using any fiber powder.  In my body, fiber powder acts like glue so instead of cleaning me out, it stops me up.  I have gone back to using my Young Living ComforTone.   It is kind of like doing the cleanse I did last summer, but with a specific dietary plan to go with it.   I cannot wait till weigh in and measurements on Saturday.  I can tell my stomach is smaller, quite a bit smaller. 

One of the hardest things for me is eating a pound (or more) of vegetables a day.  I don’t really like vegetables that much.  But I am committed to doing this.  She wants you to eat vegetables with every meal.  I decided to do six ounces a meal.  I keep telling myself “I love eating vegetables”.  Now this is said with dread on my face and a scowl on my face.  As the week goes, it is getting harder and harder.  I am not sure why I decided to start this the last two weeks of school - exhaustion, lack of energy, a little crazy or all of the above.     I need to research new and interesting ways to prepare veggies, but really don’t have the time.  I guess, I can look up recipes as I have a few moments, pin them on Pinterest.  Then when school gets out, I will have more time to learn how to prepare them.  For now, I will just keep eating the vegetables – a pound of vegetables – every day.  Did I tell you how much, “I love vegetables.” ?  

I have begun pinning veggie recipes on Pinterest.  If you follow me, they are under my Clean Eating/Paleo board.  If you don’t currently follow me, you can follow me HERE.  As soon as school gets out, I will start trying them.  I will do recipe reviews of the ones I try.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hormone Reset Diet

When Scott first mentioned he had listened to a couple of podcasts that had Dr. Sara Gottfried on it, I rolled my eyes.  He went on to tell me about her book Hormone Cure.  Again, I rolled my eyes and told him I was not interested.  He dropped it.  That was about a month ago.  He just kept trying to encourage me.  The more stressed I was, the worse I ate.  The worse I ate, the worse I felt and gained weight.  I kept trying to do what I knew in my head to do, but kept falling back into old habits.  I was beginning to think, that I had no will power or strength to do what was necessary to lose this weight.  Even when I ate “right”, I still felt tired, bloated, no energy – yuck. 

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I went to Downtown Grapevine to the Olive Oil store.  We love their variety of flavored olive oils.  After, we went over to Southlake Town Center, to go to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (gotta love gift cards from students).  We got there early and decided to go to Barnes and Noble and look around.  He had wanted to see the book the Hormone Cure and I appeased him.  He was having trouble locating it, but had found her new The Hormone Reset.  To basically shut him up about this, I looked at the book.  Well that changed everything.  Not only did it sound intriguing, but it incorporated many things I had learned in Weight Watchers and many things I had learned in other areas regarding natural health.   Well it cost more than I had in my personal money, so I looked it up on Amazon. The E-book was more in my budget.  I ordered it immediately.  I began reading it that night and started the next day. 

It was easy to follow and Dr. Sara explained everything very well.  Well easy in theory, but harder in reality.  Giving up something temporarily is not always easy, but worth it in the long run.  Will be posting more as I go through this journey.