Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking Together with God

Our pastor, Rick Atchley, challenged our congregation to read 1 million chapters this year.  I decided to read through the Bible in a year on my YouVersion app.  It has truly blessed my life in so many ways.   As I have been reading each day, I have been convicted that we are not giving the way God wants us to.  It has been weighing very hard on my heart for about a month.  Then Preacher Rick had a lesson a few weeks ago about Unleashed Generosity.  I started feeling a sense of urgency that we needed to get our spending and giving under control.  I could not get it off my mind. 

Let me back up a few years.  Many years ago, Scott and I followed Dave Ramsey’s principals in My Total Money Makeover.    We became debt free except our house, cut up and canceled our credit cards.  We even bought our last car with cash.  We have remained debt free, but got lazy.  We quit following the budget.  We quit saving.  We reduced giving.  We began spending more.   This MASSIVELY causes stress in Scott and as a result, stress on our marriage. 

Now back to the story.  I talked to Scott at the beginning of my spring break (he had taken the week off also) about what I felt God had placed on my heart.  Scott was in total agreement.   So this week Scott and I worked had a budget negation meeting and worked on our budget.  This is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  But through lots of prayers and a few tears we have a budget we can both live with.  Our original thought was that this would go live in April.  However, we both looked at the calendar date, and we decided to start it NOW (March) with a half of the monthly budget.  AAAHHHHH!!!!!  This is scary to me, because the original plan was April and I wanted us to think about it and pray about it more, then begin it in April.  However, God convicted me (us) to start it NOW.  The budget went live on Friday.  It is not perfect, we are already figuring out what we forgot or chose to leave out that needs to be put back in (after 1 day).  But we view our budget as a living, breathing guide to how we use the resources God has given us.  So we expect us it to change as we live it and as life happens.  We also are searching for ways to reduce spending. 

Satan does not like it when we do what God wants us to do, so I expected him to start attacking.  So one day into the live budget and the garage door breaks and the refrigerator started having some issues.  Good news, we have an emergency fund to cover the repair for the garage door and Scott is going to try a few things to fix the refrigerator. 

Walking together with God will take us to AMAZING places!!!!!!