Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slique Challenge - Weeks 1 & 2

Well the last two weeks have been quite unique.  The first 3 days I began my Slique Challenge  were rather challenging.  I felt pretty yucky!  It felt as though my body was detoxing from carbs and sugar.  Well I guess it was.  After the third  day, my sugar and carb cravings were gone.  Praise God!!!!!!!  Then I started feeling much better.  

During these last two weeks, I have done things I pleased with and some things I am not please with. 

I have been consistent with drinking my Balance Complete each morning.  I will tell you - it is great in unsweetened Almond Milk.  I do not like it as well with water.  It it too thin and not at rich.  It is worth the extra point (weight watcher) to use the unsweetened almond milk.  

I have also been very consistent with my Slique Tea.  That is sooo easy.  I love Slique tea and have for a long time.

I have not been consistent with Slique Essence.  I love it, but I have never been great at drinking my water.  That I will need to work on.

I have only done the Slique tabs two or three times.  Mostly because I do not have them with me and forget to take them when I get home.  This week I have put at week supply in my lunch bag and an extra in my purse.  I have also set a time to remind me to take them.  

I have not started exercising, but I am getting at least 10,000 steps a day (except Sunday).


Week 1 -    1.4 lb loss
Week 2 -    1 lbs loss

Even better - my jeans are fitting looser.
My sugar and carb cravings are gone.

I consider that pretty good for the week after Thanksgiving and the week with two major parties on Thursday and Friday (weigh in is Saturday).  

Speaking of Parties - I drank a Balance complete shake before each party.  It really helped me not be hungry.  One party I ate nothing and the other I just ate a little.  

Goals for this week:
Drink my water each day with my Slique Essence

Take my slique tabs before dinner each day.  
Survive the week before Christmas Break.  There will be lots of food pushers, yummy treats, yummier lunches all week and a Kindergarten Christmas Party.  

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