Saturday, May 3, 2014

Making It Easier to Eat the Right Foods - Slique Tea/Essence week 2

I had a 2.6 pound loss this week. 
 really was not expecting that.  
That is 6 lbs in 2 weeks. 

Some have asked how I am doing it. I am using Slique Tea and Slique Essence to compliment my Weight Watchers.

I follow the Simply Filling food plan on Weight Watchers.  It is where you eat Filling Foods on a list.  If you eat a food item that is not on the list, then you count points toward you extra points for the week or use some of your activity points.  Since I like clean eating, it is a great fit for my family and I.  I really try to limit my processed foods – but I am not always successful at it.  My biggest problem is my sugar and carb cravings.  I have them most of the time.  When stressful times hit, I give in.  And when I give in, I can’t stop eating them. 

This year has been extremely stressful.  I was doing good for a while and then I gave in.  The problem is that when I am doing well – I may choose to not eat sugar and carbs, but I still want them a lot.  I able to resist the desire to eat sugar and carbs for a while. 

Enter Slique Tea and Slique Essence. 

Since beginning to use Slique Tea and Slique Essence, I am not just choosing to resist sugar/ carbs - I really don't want them.  Using these products is making it easier to choose the right foods.  My food cravings are gone.

Here is a very basic glimpse into my day.

I am drinking one cup of Slique Tea with a breakfast of  2-3 scrambled eggs and some fruit (seasonal).  
I have 2 oz Nigxia Red.  
I also have a glass of water with Slique Essence that I drink throughout the morning.

I teach kindergarten. So, I have an early lunch on weekdays (10:40).  I usually eat leftovers from the night before or a sandwich.  My lunches always have fruit and vegtables for over half of the meal. 

I usually refill my water glass and add either Slique Essence or another citrus oil.

Snack: (around 1 pm with my students)
I usually have raw veggies or apple with some cheese, almonds/ nuts/ seeds or meat. 

Around 3:30, I sometimes have another cup of Slique Tea.  I also refill my water glass and add slique essence. 
I usually intent to leave school around 5.  On the commute home, I eat carrot chips or an apple.

Dinner is usually 6:00 – 6:30.  This will be a meal filled with simply filling foods.

If I start wanting to eat sugar, I drink water with Slique Essence after supper. 

I am very excited with my results so far!!!!!  I can’t wait to see what next Saturday will hold.  


  1. Such impressive weight loss. We're beautiful in all shapes and sizes but mainting health is most important and definitely need to cut down the extra carbs. Thanks for sharing the diet.

  2. I am planning to loose weight for months but still cannot make my mind. This blog relates to me. But now i will focus on my goal tryuly.