Monday, April 21, 2014

Slique - Improved cravings

I was not planning to write until Saturday, but I have learned a few things I wanted to share.  

I love Slique Tea and Slique Essense.  When I first tried Slique Essence - I did not like it much.  It had a weird taste to me, in fact, I could not get it down.  I hate to admit, I tried it at a class and ended up dumping it out.  

I have been going overboard with sugar.  In fact, Scott said I was having  major sugar cravings.  No wonder I am gaining so much weight.  I could not stop it eating it.  

I decided to order Slique Essence and then learned about Slique Tea.  I was hoping it would help with the sugar cravings.  


The sugar cravings are MASSIVELY improved today!  
But let me back up a day.

Confession time:
Yesterday, I got up, ate breakfast, drank Slique Tea, drank a glass of water with 4 drops of Slique Essence, drank my 2 oz of Nigxia Red and ate 4 gluten free cookies before I left for church!  

First lesson:  DO NOT drink multiple cups of coffee, drink slique tea and drink ningxi red - Big head rush!  TOO MUCH!!!!!

After an amazing Easter Worship service, my family went out to Chili's and I ate too many chips (and salsa).  My dinner was a grilled chicken salad.  

Then I went to my mother-in-love's for supper.  It was so easy to follow my Weight Watcher's Simply Filling.  

Then came dessert - cake easy to pass up - gluten.  Yes I know the picture above is with cake - I could easily take a picture of cake (no temptation).  
She also had ice cream - OH how I love ice cream.  And multiple flavors - Oh how I love ice cream.  

I had just published the blog about starting Slique.  I had to suffer through NOT eating ice cream - Did I tell you how much I love ice cream?!  I had brought my Slique Essence - so I got a glass and drank my Slique Essence - looking longingly at the ice cream.

This morning I woke up - not very hungry (unusual).  I drank part of a cup of coffee (I love black coffee).  Then I drank my Slique Tea (YUMMMMY).  I made my breakfast, drank my ningxia and went to work.

Two different times I was hungry, so I drank a glass of water with Slique Essence.  The second glass in the afternoon, I almost gagged.  

OOPS - I forgot to follow the directions on the bottle.

Second lesson - read and follow the directions on the bottle.
Shake bottle vigorously.  Drink 2-4 drops of Slique Essence in 4-6 oz of water.

I forgot to shake it.  It really makes a BIG difference.  

Now for the big, big, news.
I am not craving sugar!!!
Daniel offered me a GF cookie - I said no thank you.
Scott brought me a cookie - I said no thank you.
Some friends are having a FB icecream party (we chat on fb while eating ice cream) - I said, I'll join but no ice cream.

I did not want the sugar.

Pretty impressed so far!

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