Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oil Testamonials - A Great Resource

link to site
This is a site I visit regularly.  It has a great number of testimonials of how others are using Young Living Essential Oils.  What is important to know is that each of them are how one person uses the oils and how they work on their body and where they are in their health journey. 
Here is how I use the site. 
I use the search button for a specific problem/issue.  I read a few testimonials.  I always then pray and ask for wisdom and guidance for what to do.  Sometimes, I just apply the oils.  I call that my DUH moment - why didn't I think of that.  Many other times, I go to my EOPR (Essential Oils Pocket Reference) and look at the properties of the oils.  Then I can make an educated decision as the best way to manage my health. 
I will be adding this to my Young Living Resources Page at the top so you can find it later.   

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