Saturday, January 4, 2014

Life Lessons Learned

Being a parent is not easy and sometimes it is really hard.  As a teacher I see many parents who do not let their children suffer the consequences of their actions.   I feel sorry for them and their children.   I understand - it is hard to see them suffer. But through their suffering they are learning some very valuable lessons.  As a parent, I need to come along beside them and guide them (not fix it for them) as they work through the issues of life.  I am proud of the man Jon is becoming!

Jon had a wreck.  

It was his fault.  He pulled out his phone to text at a stoplight and hit the truck in front of him.  We are very lucky that no one was hurt and the other vehicle was not damaged.  Jon's car  - not so lucky.    It would be really easy to fix everything for him, but I love him enough to let him go through natural and imposed consequences of his actions.  He has to pay for everything to repair the car.  We found an auto body shop that will work with us to try and save money by him going to the junk yard and getting the parts needed.  

Great friend to teach him how to take parts off the car.

We loaned him the last little bit for the repairs - but he must pay us back.  Today, we got it back sooner than expected.  As we drove to pick it up, he had a knot in his stomach because he wasn't exactly sure how much it would cost.  

So much has been learned through this process - not just Jon, but for all of us.  Here are just a few things that he learned through this experience.  
I am so thankful we did not rescue him.  
Look at what he would have missed out on if we had.  

Jon's Car Wreck Life Lessons
  • Life Lesson #1 – You should not pull out your phone in the car to text at a stoplight – actually do not ever pull out your phone in the car.
  • Life Lesson #2 – Calling your dad when you have a wreck is hard, Papa finding you wrecked the car he gave you is harder
  • Life Lesson # 3 –  if many people offer you solid advice – you should listen (ie – don’t use your phone in the car at all)
  • Life Lesson # 4 –  After being able to drive yourself to school for a while, riding the big yellow limousine (bus) to school is not fun
  • Life Lesson # 5 - being in a wreck is hard, finding out much the bill is going to be is harder
  • Life Lesson # 6 – finding out Mom and Dad are not going to pay the bill is life changing
  • Life Lesson #17 – just because you don’t have a car – does not mean you do not have responsibilities and commitments. 
  • Life Lesson # 8 – Helping others is easy – asking for help can be humbling.
  • Life Lesson # 9 – it is important to know the names of streets when giving directions to a friend to pick you up to take you to your commitments
  • Life Lesson # 10 – Pick and Pull junk yard means you remove the parts from the car(s) yourself and you need your own tools
  • Life Lesson # 11 – Junk Yards can save you a lot of money on parts 
  • Life Lesson # 12 – friends are invaluable
  • Life Lesson # 13 – Fixing a car takes a long time
  • Life Lesson # 14 - just because they tell you that they only need 4 parts does not mean they only need 4 parts
  • Life lesson # 15- doesn't have to be pretty to be drivable. 
  • Life Lesson # 16 - paying the bill is hard. 
  • Life Lesson# 17 - being in debt is bad, being in debt to mom is worse.
  • Life Lesson #18 - I am thankful parents love me enough to let me learn these lessons - well he will be when when he is older.

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