Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Wear Young Living Essential Oils

One thing I love about Young Living oils is how pure and safe they are.  You can diffuse them, ingest them or apply them on your skin. 
Sometimes I  ingest them by capsule, cheek swipe, under my tongue or drink it in my water or tea - that is for another post.
I diffuse something every day and every night.  It depends on the need at the time.  At night right now - Thieves, Lavender, and RC or Raven - allergy, cold and flu season.  But again that is another post. 
Every day, I wear my oils.  
What is so cool is you can wear them neat or diluted.  If I dilute, I do it with either organic olive oil or coconut oil.   I wear many of them on my feet - which I always wear neat (undiluted).  Learning about vitaflex points greatly helped me in knowing the best place to put the oil on my feet/hands.   
Here are two charts that show vitaflex points!  I know I still have a lot to learn about them - but this is where I started.  I looked at the picture and gave it a try. When I was not sure what to do - I asked questions.  I have surrounded myself with wonderful people who know so much more than I do. 

I also put my oils where I am hurting.  The last two months,  I have been dealing with a sprained wrist/ tendinitis.  It has been quite painful.  I am applying oils directly to where they pain is.  I apply in layers Panaway, Valor, Copidia - topped with Peppermint.   Sometimes I also use aroma siez.  I apply 3-5 times a day depending on pain level and circumstances of my day.  Result - I have had not had to use prescription or OTC (over the counter) medications.  All I needed was oils applied to my wrist.
When my stomach hurts - I apply diluted Peppermint or DiGize over my stomach.  When I have chest congestion - I apply RC or Raven to my chest.  I apply neat for me and diluted for my boys.    When my ear hurts - I apply lavender and Purification or Melrose around my ear.
As you can see - you can apply the oils in so many places.  The best part -  Young Living Essential Oils do not have any side effects and they smell sooooo good! 


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