Friday, November 1, 2013

Challenge to Blessing

I am crying as I sit trying to decide how to put my thoughts and feelings into words.   This week has been so overwhelming.  It has been filled with joy, love, frustration, anxiousness, anger, sadness, exhaustion, humbleness, honor, praises, terror, lack of sleep,  satisfaction,  happiness all topped with PMS. 

It has been a very difficult start to my year.  There have been so many joyous moments and quite a few frustrating times.  At the beginning of the year I even commented that God must think I am a better teacher than I think I am.  Then things started to look like they were turning around. 

Sunday at church, we had a powerful lesson about GOD IS FOR US.  Those are 4 words that will rock your world and change your life – Rick Atchley.  It does not mean that things will be easy.  But there will be no circumstance that will shake my confidence.   This week put that to the test.  On Monday, I received a new challenge.  As I experienced this challenge this week – I kept saying to God – this is not funny.  Then we were hit with some challenges at home.    Needless to say – this week was frustrating.  Thursday was very rough with both sets of challenges – school and home. 

Friday started off rough at school.  Then I find out the history of my challenge – and anger – no more like rage hit.  How could anyone treat anyone this way.  Tears continue to roll down my cheeks as I think of it.  WHY?!?!?! 

Then I was humbled/ honored.  One week in our class and the family is already seeing a difference at home and this challenge loves me and wants to come to school – which is a big change for this precious blessing.   This precious one still has a very long way to go but now I see it for what it truly is - a gift from God -   a reminder of why I do what I do. 

I know there will be many challenges while going through this journey with these blessings I have been given (there are 4 ---- 5 if you count the one at home).   But with lots of prayer, love, smiles, kind words, hugs, and patience we will not survive - we will all thrive. 

GOD IS FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!

How Great Thou Art!  

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