Saturday, September 29, 2012

Helpful or Hurtful

“There is only one who is perfect!” -Mary Jo

“Even though it hurts – I just do it.  When I wake up and it hurts – I go!   I think of it as a matter of life or death.”  -Sherri

“Are you helpful or hurtful?” -God

This is just what I needed to hear today!  My journey has been far less than perfect recently.  It seems so easy to fall back into old habits.  I can use one excuse after another but the simple fact is – I stopped doing what I know I need to do.  I have been eating things I know are bad for my body (let’s just say – my car thinks if you get in it at night – time to go Brahms’).  , slowed down stopped tracking, stopped walking, not planning for eventful evenings (eating out way too much) – basically – not working the plan.  The result – weight is creeping back on. 

I am not beating myself up – I am doing a self-check, and with ofi’s  (pronounced-  / oh-f-ee-z/   - opportunities for improvement) I also need to look at the positives.  I am still eating minimally processed food free – when I am at home.  I have memorized my bread machine bread recipe (we have not purchaced bread from the store since spring break).  My family is still on board with this lifestyle and loves when I try new recipes – in fact they encourage me to try new ones.  I only drink coffee, water and tea.  I keep junk food out of my house. 

I have looked at the ofi’s, looked at the things I am doing right.  Now it is time for an action plan.  I made a deal with Tammy from my Weight Watchers group.  We are going to hold each other accountable for one thing this week.  She is going to weigh and measure everything; I am going to track everything.  That is a great place to start!  In addition, I am increasing my water intake. 

I started writing this blog entry then needed to start breakfast.  While I was cooking, the words Helpful or Hurtful kept coming into my head. Let’s back up a little.  These are words I use in my classroom.  I read a book this summer that talked about young children not making connections with behavior and choices (good choices/ bad choices).  It was suggested in the book that you ask if their behavior was helpful or hurtful.  It has made a major impact in my class – no one wants to be hurtful.  I need to look at my journey in the same light.  Is what I am doing, not doing, eating, not eating – is it being helpful or hurtful to me?


It is easy to say I made a bad choice – however, it is HARD to say I am being hurtful to myself.  From now on, I am going to look at my decisions based on – is it helpful or hurtful.  This is going to make me think a lot more about the choices I make. 

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