Saturday, May 19, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins

Corn Dog Muffins

Yeilds:  24 Corn Dog Muffin
Serving size:  1 Corn Dog Muffin
Weight Watchers:  4.5 pp+ per Corn Dog Muffin

  • Cornbread muffin recipe doubled
  • 8 hot dogs
  • 24 muffin papers to line muffin pans.

  1. Mix up the cornbread muffin recipe.
  2. Cut hot dogs into thirds.
  3. Scoop cornbread batter into the paper lined muffin cups.
  4. Place 1/3 hot dog into each muffin.
  5. Bake until golden brown - app 20 minutes.
From:  Heavenly Homemakers

I have not tried this yet, but if I use the lighter corn dog muffin recipe - these would be 2.5 per corn dog muffin.  Will try it out soon.

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