Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today I am grateful for a beautiful spring day. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, I had to privilege to take 18 kindergarteners to the zoo.  Their excitement was over the top.  It was the most beautiful spring day – light breeze, high in mid to upper 70’s, and a beautiful sun and blue sky. 

We have such devastation and tragedy recently in the US due to violent tornadoes.  Some have died and many, many homes and lives have been changed.  Recently we had 16 tornadoes hit the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex.  I was teaching that day and had to take my kindergarteners into another room (my room has a window) for duck and cover – real not drill this time – though the kiddos did not know.  It was a scary and peaceful few moments.  Scary because you didn’t know what was going to happen, peaceful because I serve a God who is in control and not matter what happened – it would work out for His glory in the end. 

And it did.  Were people lives disrupted? – YES!  But I am not referring to the people with property damage.  HIS people had their busy lives disputed, so that they could minister and serve those who needed help.  Our local Christian radio station was at grocery stores and fast food establishments taking donations, neighbors helped neighbors, churches organized and began the clean-up process, people cooked food,  high school football teams from out of town came to help, and all of His people prayed – both with those who were directly affected and privately.  All of this was done in the name of Jesus.  They gave him all the Glory. 

We all live busy lives – we are too busy to do some things.  But when this tragedy hit – busy lives were disrupted and they just served.  That is a blessing and reminder that we all need to slow down.  We miss many service opportunities because we are too busy.  When it is important enough, we change our schedules and disrupt our busy lives. 

Thank you God for the beautiful spring day and thank you for the hearts of wonderful people who are willing to serve in your name.

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