Tuesday, April 10, 2012


For readers of my blog - I love reading different blogs.  One of my favorites is Heavenly Homemakers.  She has a regular Tuesday post that focuses on gratitude.  This morning I felt led to begin posting here and linking to her blog what God is doing in my life! 

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!


There are so many things I am grateful for - things God is doing in my life. However, the thing I am most grateful for today is the empty tomb.  I looked at my boys last night and thought, how could God send His Son?  How could He watch what was happening and do nothing to stop it?  How could He love me so much?  Now if one of my boys was hurting, I would do whatever I could to stop it.  Beware when you hurt mama bears cubs!  I am so gratful that God loves me (and you) so much to not stop it!!!!  I am so grateful that Jesus was willing to take on the cross and grave because He loves me (and you) that much! 

Because of that love and sacrifice - I am willing to take on whatever He wants me to do!  I try really hard not to question what is happening - and many times it is not fair what others or myself have to go through.  But I have to rest in the knowledge that all will work out for His glory and know there is always  - HOPE - because the tomb is empty!

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