Sunday, April 15, 2012

Change Your But to So

Moving from Excuses to Action

How much of our lives do we spend making excuses?  I don't know about you, but I do it all the time.  In fact I found myself doing it yesterday to Cassie (my ww leader). 

As most of you know I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Part of that is losing weight and the other is moving to a real food/ clean food way of life. 

The first part of my journey I focused my attention mostly on weight loss and slowly moving toward removing processed foods from my life. This consumed most of my free time.  During spring break we made a major leap in our journey to remove most processed foods from our lives.  Since that time, my main focus has been finding and trying new recipes.  The problem is that I did not balance it with the portion control/ points of weight watchers.  I quit tracking and as a result - weight is creeping back on. 

I felt I needed a little background before telling the rest.  Now back to excuses:  Here is what I told Cassie on Saturday:  "I have not been tracking BUT I have been focusing on finding real/clean recipes and learning how to cook them."  EXCUSE, EXCUSE, EXCUSE

Then we went into the meeting and it was about having a plan B - primarily focusing on exercising, but it applies to all areas of our lives. We discussed, what is your plan B.  When things don't work out like you have planned, what is your plan B.

One member (lifetime) made a very powerful statement during the discussion.  She said that she had multiple exercise videos, hand weights, yoga videos, gym membership, etc.  Here is the powerful part:  She said she set it up so that she had NO EXCUSESWOW!

Then Cassie started giving scenarios of excuses:
I was going to walk but it rained.
I was going to go to the gym, but I had to work late.
I was going to cook at home, but the traffic was bad and we have to get to soccer.
I was going to exercise, but I have to take the kids to basketball.
I was going to go walking , but my friend backed out.

Then it hit me - my excuse I had given her just 10 minutes earlier:  "I have not been tracking BUT I have been focusing on finding real/clean recipes and learning how to cook them."

Then I thought - all you need to do is change the BUT to SO and solve the problem.  When we do that we move from excuses to action.  

I was going to walk, it rained, SO________.
I was going to go the gym, I had to work late, SO _________.
I was going to cook at home, traffic was bad and I had to get the kids to soccer SO ______.
I was going to exercise and I have to take the kids to basketball, SO ________.
I was going to go walking, my friend backed out, SO _______.

What will your plan B - be? 

This applies to me also.  Here is my excuse that I changed to action:

I have not been tracking, I have been focusing on finding real/clean recipes and learning how to cook them SO now I will have to balance both.  I will track my breakfast, lunch and snacks in the morning while I am drinking my coffee.  Then all I have to do it put in dinner. 

Here is another one from me:
I was going to cook at home, traffic was bad and I had to get the kids to soccer SO I will use one of my emergency meals in the freezer. 

Or this one:
I was going to exercise, I have to take the kids to basketball, SO  I will walk in the gym or outside while they practice. 
As you can see, I make excuses also.  I need to spend some time developing some plan B's.  Then I have them in my bag of tricks and I do not have to think of them.

Too tired - I know I am going to be tired a lot.  Cook meals ahead so there are no excuses.  Exercise - I know I always feel  better after - so suck it up and do it (phrase commonly heard from the mouth of my 15 year old)
Worked late - There are going to be days I have to work late.  Same as with tired - cook ahead. Exercise - walk while food is cooking or heating
No time - have emergency meals prepared ahead of time and try to go on a small walk if I do not have time for anything else.
I don't feel good or I am sick - emergency meals or meals cooked ahead solve that problem - Exercise - rest your body and give it time to heal.

The key is planning for situations before it occurs!   I need to fill my house, life and brain with all the tools I need. Then I have a bag full of tricks that I can pull out when I need them.  Then I have NO EXCUSES

I have a PLAN B - Do you?

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