Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remembering Grandma Graham

Grandma Graham and Me

Grandma Graham's church directory picture

I needed juice from one orange today for a recipe.  I went searching for my juicer - I know I have one but was not sure where it was.  See I know I have one because it used to belong to my Grandma Graham.  I finally found it.  Daniel came and was asking some questions, so I taught him how to juice an orange and then began to tell him the story of where it came from. 

Grandma Graham's juicer

Grandma Graham is also known as Grandma Ruby.  When I was a teenager, she married Bill and her last name was no longer Graham - but in my heart, she will always be Grandma Graham

Grandma Graham always loved to cook, garden, sew, and quilt.  It did not matter what time of year we would visit - there was always banana bread - and there is no recipe that could ever beat the ones she would make.  One of my favorite things she would cook was fried okra and she would serve it with sliced tomatoes.  My mouth is watering right now thinking about it.  For a long time she had a small garden where should would grow her veggies.  She froze the ones not eaten, so we could still have okra in the winter. 

Parasol Girl Quilt

Quilt I received as a wedding gift. 
Grandma Graham did the topper.
Mom had someone finish the backing. 

 I have two of her quilts in my bedroom right now.  My favorite is the Parasol girl one.  She made that quilt out of my dresses and clothes I wore as a little girl.  I am sure some of them were scraps, because she made quite a few of my clothes. 

Grandma Graham at
 Kristi's (Melanie's) Graduation

Grandma Graham was a wonderful Christian lady.  She used her talents to bless and serve others.  She went to be with her savior, Jesus Christ, in December of 1991.  It was an honor to share a little portion of her life with Daniel this morning. 

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I bring a special bowl that was hers. I fill it with muffins or bread for our special celebration.  It is kind of like remembering her during that time.  Next year, I will remember to share more of Grandma Grahams story. 

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes with your story about Mom (Grandma that's me to my grandkids)) I always loved that picture from the church directory...think it's the best one I've ever seen of her. She was a special lady and to me will always be "Mom"....I enjoyed your story and I still have quilts she made too