Monday, March 5, 2012

Reading Labels

In my quest to get healthy, one thing I have tried to do is learn to read labels.  In leaning to read labels, I have become keenly aware of the different stuff being put in our food.  For me it started with learning about the harmful effects of high fructose corn syrup.  I would search labels to see if there was HFC in it.  As I read labels, I quickly learned that I could not read most of what was in the products.  I would need a medical and chemical engineering degree to figure out what it would do to my body. 

One thing that was important to me was not only for me to be aware but also for my family to be aware. I have started making them read the labels outloud.  When they are struggling with how to say most of the ingredients, it makes them keenly aware of what we are putting in our body. 

Here is what they had to read tonight.  This is the package for corn tortillas that I would typically make for tacos.  Tonight it was Scott's night to read the ingredients.  Does not sound very appetizing does it.  However, I still like corn tortillas with my tacos and my time is so valuable.  Either I have to find a product with less ingredients,  give up corn tortillas or learn to make them myself.  And if I learn to make them myself, they must taste great and be VERY easy to make.    After reading the website , I found what seemed to be an easy way to make homemade corn tortillas (my first attemp will be in a later blog - this blog is about reading labels). 

Here are the ingredients for homemade corn tortillas - mesa harina and water.  All you do is mix and cook - well a little more than that but not much - more on that later.  

             WOW!  I can read and understand all of the ingredients.

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