Saturday, March 3, 2012

I AM OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may seem like a weird way to start my blog – but this is a goal I have been working towards for a while.  I have been in the obese category for many years.  I hate that word.  I have been so unhealthy and have been subjecting my body to junk it did not need.  Not only that but I have felt so YUCK!  The excess weight has been taking a toll on my body.  My knees and back hurt, my blood sugar went up, my cholesterol went up and I have basically felt horrible for a long time. 

Now I am overweight.  I do not like this word either.  However, I am celebrating getting to it today.  I came home from weight watchers and told Daniel that I had lost this week and that I was no longer obese but that I was now overweight – he gave me a high 5 and then said “This feels so wrong to say, but congratulations for being overweight.”  I told him that was ok and that we would have another celebration when I reached Healthy.  I got a major hug from Jon when I told him.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful family who celebrates with each success, but also encourage me with times I have “learning opportunities”. 

Today begins that next leg in this journey – the road to healthy.  I still have so far to go. Sometimes the journey seems so long and feels like I will never get there.  What is exciting is that I know now that I can do it.   I must make small goals that are achievable and I must celebrate each one of them. 

Now off to goodwill – I have clothes to donate that no longer fit!  YEA!!!!!  Then off to the grocery store to get healthy foods!!!!

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  1. Kim - first time to read your blog - and recipes. Thanks for being so honestly transparent - and how you are showing that it can be done. I understand the feeling of moving from the obese category into the overweight one. One of my favorite memories when I reached my WW goal was going to my annual physical, and having the nurse getting so excited about my BMI being so low! Isn't it odd how those type of things stick with us -- not an outfit, a date, or event, but something that makes you feel proud of all the work you put in. (And there is a lot of work to lose weight!)

    So proud of you - keep it up - and I'll keep reading these posts.