Monday, March 12, 2012

Hug The Ones You Love

Saturday was like any other day.  I got up early and went to weight watchers.  I missed some who were not there.  I was excited to see some I am have seen in a while.  Many of us have been going to this meeting for many years.  We have lifetimers who encourage us that we can get healthy and keep off the weight.  We discuss struggles we are going through and successes we have had.  In many ways we are like a family. 

One of those Weight Watchers family members is Cora Latta.  I have know Cora for many years.  I have see her dedication to taking care of her family.  She is always sweet and positive.  On Saturday morning, after the meeting, we talked a few minutes, hugged. Cora had told me how proud she was that I was doing so well and working towards getting healthy.  She encouraged me to continue working so hard  and then we said "see you next week".  I will not see Cora next Saturday, on Sunday, she died suddenly of a heart attack. 

This has been hanging heavy on my heart since I  found out.  Life is so short and so fragile.  I am honored and blessed to have known Cora. 

A few things I will take from her sudden death - Hug the ones you love and often.  When you leave, tell them you love them.  Let the ones you love know you are proud of them. 

I will miss you Cora - thanks for blessing my life.

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  1. I could not agree more! She will be missed.