Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving - Turkey Trot

Scott, Jon, Daniel and myself will be beginning our Thanksgiving doing The Turkey Trot (the Park Glen one). Then we will join our families for a wonderful time of fellowship. I will be focusing on family and faith - not on the food.

When we go the church where the registration is setup, I was met by one of my students. He is a young boy who makes my day brighter each day. I am so thankful I get the privilege of having him in my class. He is there with his family beginning their in a healthy way.

Jon and Daniel ran the 5k.  Scott and I walked the entire thing. I will have to admit that it was difficult. At the time, I had barely increased my walk to 2 miles. A 5k was pushing it. When we were getting close to the end, I look up and there is Jon and Daniel. They were coming back to finish with me. They gave me the additional stamina to finish. We turned the corner toward the finish line and I see my student come running to me. He wants to walk across the finish line with his teacher. I am so grateful/ thankful for the blessings in my life.

I finished the turkey trot - goal one met. I was not last - goal two met. Bonus - I actually passed quite a few people and I finished in under an hour. Great way to start Thanksgiving.

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