Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change the Great

In our house change means only one thing – bad. Having a child with high functioning autism, routines and schedules are set. In order for them to change – much preparation is needed and you are still at risk for a meltdown. When he was younger, we would purposely sabotage his routine/ schedule to help him learn how to deal with change. It was NOT fun but it WAS necessary. Now he is 13. Change is still difficult, but it is no longer bad. He actually says it is fun.

In fact today, it will be good – no I mean it will be great. Our church is going through some change in order to remodel our auditorium. Change of location, change of time, change of class/service order. In the past it would have been torcher for all until the routine set in. He is excited about the change, in fact he wants to make one more change – go to the instrumental service. The joy of this change for me is to see how much he has grown.

It is time for mommy to learn from him. I am not much of a change person either. I have been trying to figure out our new routine for Sunday. We are early service people – always have been. Now we have to do the 9:30 and 11:00. I have been stressing about it more than I should. Last night I still did not have a plan. I prayed for God to give me peace and guidance. I awoke with an answer – just change the order. ??????? Then I thought about it. The main problem for me was lunch – and it not being too late or having to go out every Sunday. Change the order – ok cook ahead of time – either evening before, crockpot overnight, or in the morning. OK – I can make this work. Once this happened, everything else fell into to place.

I thank God for this change! He let me see how much my son has grown. God has also helped me grow more in my reliance on him. He has shown me that he can help even in the small things. All I had to do was ask, wait for an answer, listen to the answer, and trust that it will be ok.

Thank you GOD for change.

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