Monday, October 3, 2011

What A Day!!!!!!!

James 1: 2-4
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Permission to laugh at my day is granted. It is so crazy it is funny – frustrating – but funny!
Background to what lead to today:

I have dealt with my weight for a long time. This weekend I went to my regular weight watchers meeting. One I have attended while still gaining weight – not weight watchers fault – I just did not follow the plan. When I got there – someone was sitting in my seat! The nerve – I have been here for years and that is my chair - lol. Well I sat in a different spot, near a friend named Angela. Before the meeting began, she shared with me a new bible study she had started based on the book Made to Crave. It is about craving God more than food.

I got home from the meeting and could not get that out of my head, but I also could not remember the name of book. I facebooked her and she got it to me very quickly. I ordered it on my nook and began reading the introduction. It really began working on my heart and spirit. Then I read the first few chapters. I finally realized that my weight issue is more than a food issue – it is a spiritual issue. I crave food more than I crave God. WOW! Not something I wanted to admit.
Now to today! This has been day filled with frustration, revelation and laughter.

I woke up this morning – STARVING! I mean stomach growling and hurting. I prayed hard for God to help me crave Him more than I crave food. This is where the frustrating yet humorous day begins.

* I went in and got my cup of coffee and took it into the office to begin working on a report I needed that day. I spilled my entire cup of hot coffee all over myself. I had never done that before.

* I changed clothes, and went to make my oatmeal. I had the bowl in my hand and went back into my bedroom for something. I sat it on top of the TV so I could pick up something and it fell and spilled all over the floor.

* I went back into kitchen, determined to stick to my plan for the day and made another bowl of oatmeal. While it was cooking, I took my rolling cart out to my car. When I went out the front door, my lunch fell out to the cart on over the ground (Picture me running down the sidewalk chasing my apples).

* I come back in and eat my oatmeal and a peach. I am still HUNGRY! I look at Scott and say Satan is trying his best to break me today. As soon as I recognize the attack – I am no longer hungry – in fact I am completely satisfied! Thank you God!

* At lunch, I open my frozen dinner and the flat bread is mushy – really mushy! I HATE mushy anything. I decide I am going to eat it anyway!

* I take it back to my classroom. I take a big bite and almost gag! There are two flatbread dinners – chicken that I love and steak I detest! I had grabbed the steak this morning by mistake. In the past, I would have gone down and gotten chicken rings and mashed potatoes. All I need is fuel for my body and so I choke it down.

It has been clear to me all day that Satan is trying to make me put my focus on food and not God. What is so awesome is that I have been filled with scripture and praise songs all day. I have smiled more than I have in a while!

Through the day I still had cravings or desires for food. Each time I would pray for more strength. Each time it was given.

What is in the picture for tomorrow? I do not know, but it will start with a prayer for God to help me crave Him More than I crave food.

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