Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KTOT - First test

This past weekend, I attended a kindergarten teacher's conference (KTOT).  I knew it would be a fast, fun and food event if I allowed it to be.  One thing I have learned in weight watchers is to plan.  There would be some places I would go that I would have no control over, but I did have control over my choices at that place.

I went for a walk with Scott, and verbally planned out my trip.  Here is what we came up with:
*  Take a sack lunch for the drive up there so I did not have to eat fast food on the way.
*  Dinner - grilled chicken, rice/ potato, steamed veggie or salad
* At breakfast, eat oatmeal if I could and fresh fruit.  If not, a scrambled egg with fruit.
*  Lunch - boxed lunch provided by hotel for conference - eat sandwich, trade out chips (or whatever else was in there) for my baked cheetos I had brought, don't eat cookie
*Dinner - Make best possible choice where we stoped.
*  I packed apples, carrot slices, cheese sticks and wheat thins for snacks during the weekend.

I did not follow the plan exactly but was proud of most of my choices.

Lunch - we got to the hotel early and ate there - fabulous lunch with a chicken and rice soup filled with broth, white chicken chunks, veggies and I ate a salad,  I also ate two rolls.

Dinner - we went mexican food - I ate chips and salsa, but I counted my chips and wrote them down.  I ate grilled chicken, rice and about 1/4 c. refried beans.

Breakfast - followed my plan.

Lunch - Followed plan except I at the cookie

Dinner - made good choice of a sandwhich with turkey and cheese and baked chips.  I also bought fudge to take home to the boys - I should have put it in the trunk.  I ate some of it before we made it back.

All in all - Pretty good weekend.  I followed my plan for the most part.  I had exercise points and WPA's for anything extra I ate.  The key revolution was that I made the plan, wrote it down, took it with me and it made food choices easier.

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