Transformation Nation: This is so exciting. I love weight watchers and I love Dr. Oz. Nothing better than combining the two.

The sad thing for me is that I have been going to weight watchers meetings and gaining weight. Not weight watchers fault because even though I have been attending the meetings I have not been following the plan. As a result - GAIN!
I really want this time to be different. I want to be healthy. Along the path this time, I am also reading a new book: Born to Crave. It is time to look at my relationship with food from a spirtual perspective. I know what to do - Now I need to want to do it. My prayer will be for God to give me the want to in order to make the neccessary changes in my life.

This will not be easy - I LOVE FOOD! There I said it - I love UNHEALTHY FOOD. I LOVE PROCESSED FOODS. I LOVE SWEETS - cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, donuts. These foods give me a temporary satisfaction. Now I need to break this unhealthy relationship with foods. I am worth it!