Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meeting With the TOS Specialist on Thursday

After meeting with the dr. I planned to sit down and update my blog.  However, blogger was down - Very Frustrating!  I ended up writing it in my notes portion of Facebook.  Today I was able to copy and past what I wrote there. 

Good news and bad news today - but we have answers and it is always better than not knowing.

I will have to have surgery and it is scheduled for June 28 (it was then or late August - don't think so- kindergarten teacher). Best news is that this surgeon is the leading TOS specialist in the nation and he is up on the latest surgical techniques. I will only have my first rib removed and some minor muscle detachment. This is so much better than what I was reading and had heard before from other doctors. It is a 3 month recuperation process. The first 6 weeks, I am to use my arm some but with many limitations. The other good news it that the first 6 weeks will end the Tuesday before I have report back to school. I am glad Jon will be able to help me set up my room and I will call in the troops (my large family) if necessary.

The doctor is most concerned with my loss of motor function (strength) of my right arm. Your dominant arm is supposed to be 2 times stronger than your non-dominant arm. My dominant arm (right) is half the strength of my non-dominant. Here is where the very bad part comes in - I may or may not get it back. It will be the last thing to heal, so we will not know for a while.

Here is the funny/sad part - I have never broken a bone in my life. Now I have to have one removed.

God is so good. He has guided Scott and I all the way. He has led us to a leading expert and he is only 45 minutes from our house.

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