Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful day!

Every now in then I get a day with little to no pain.  I enjoy these days so much.  Yesterday was one of them.  When I have these days I am careful to not over do it.  I was able to do a little house work and go to Daniel's soccer game. 

I wanted to do something fun, get out for a while,  and move around.  I talked Scott into taking Daniel to Fort Worth's Main Street Art Festival (Jon did not want to go.)  Daniel has been starting a new interest in art over the past few months - so I thought he would enjoy it.  That was an understatement.  The artists were so kind answering his questions.  I will have to admit -  I was very nervous at times.  Daniel is not known for his coodination and when he is in obsessive interest  mode - he is not aware of his body in space.    We had to keep reminding Daniel of the cost of some of the items - I was scared he might break something. 

I enjoyed walking around and looking at all the art.  However, I loved seeing the Art show through Daniel's eyes.  Thank you God for giving me this day to enjoy the beautiful weather, a wonderful husband, and my precious Daniel.

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