Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

I am not the worrying one in my family. I say God has gotten us through a bunch of stuff and he will help up through this one. I was a little nervous about my dr. appt Friday. I had an EMG done Thursday and they may have found 2 more problems with my neck and right arm. God will get us through this, I just want to know what it is he is getting us through.

Thanks to all the prayers of friends,  I was at peace when I met with my dr. yesterday.  We found out that I have thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). I have compression of the nerves in my thoracic outlet (between the clavicle bone and 1st rib) My EMG showed significant nerve loss in that area. It is what is causing all my neck pain, nerve pain and loss on strength in my arm and hand.

I will have physical therapy for the next 5 weeks trying to relax my pectoralis minor muscle. I started this week and it was the worst pain I have ever had. The dr. gave me a pain medicine to take right before therapy so that Brian (my PT) can do what he needs to do. If we do not see significant improvement in the next 5 weeks I will have to have surgery which will involve cutting pectoralis minor muscle then reattaching it to another bone and taking out a rib.

Dr. Modlinski has referred me to  Dr. William (Bill) Roberson at the UT Southwest Medical Center who specializes in TOS. I should see him in the next few weeks.

Surgery does not sound fun so I am asking that all my friends to please pray PT works.

God is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know that God is in control.  He has always guided my path and allowed me to help others in whatever trial I have been through.  I pray I can honor Him in my steps.


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