Saturday, April 9, 2011

It All Began With a Sneeze

Why am I always surprised when I see God's hand in my life?  He is always there, but sometime it is SOOO obvious. 

My latest journey began a long time ago, but no one knows when.  However, 8 weeks ago the journey became very obvious due to a sneeze.  Funny?! Strange?!  Weird?!  GOD!!!!!!!! 

I was driving to work on 820 near Rufe Snow during morning rush hour!  Anyone who knows that area would cringe at this location.  It was stop and go!  Then I sneezed - a big sneeze!  My foot slipped of the break and hit the gas.  I hit the car in front of me.  After insurance was exchanged, I drove on to work.  It was a very minor wreck, only a few scratches on my car and they could have been there before.  As the morning progressed, my neck started hurting.  I ended up going home and to the doctor.  She was concerned enough about my pain she ordered a MRI.  She was thinking I might have broke my neck.  MRI was clear, so rest, pain meds and muscle relaxer were prescribed. 

A  week later I was still in A LOT of pain.  I decided to call the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Modlinski,  who helped me with my knee.  He looked at my MRI and did not see anything massive so he ordered pt for pain management. 

I went to pt for about 4 weeks and went back to see Dr. Modlinski.  I was still in a lot of pain, so he ordered an EMG.  This is a study of the nerves.  It took a few weeks to get in so I continued pt. 

God decided it was time for everyone to see what was wrong with me. 

On Monday March 28, Dr. Modlinski was sitting in the PT room talking to Brian (my pt).  Brian was doing deep tissue massage of my neck at the time.  All of a sudden if felt like I had lost all of the blood flow in my right arm.  I immediately told  Brian.  Both Brian and Dr. Modlinski's eyes got really big.  They said something about Thoracic outlet syndrome and they decided to have Brian do some tests to me on Wednesday.  On Wednesday I went in and Brian did all these tests and said I had some positive signs of TOS and some that showed negative.  He decided to add two new stretches to my home therapy and showed me how to do them.  The first one no big deal.  The second one, you have to roll up a bath towel and lay down on it with the towel down the center of your spine.  Brian got really quiet which is not like him at all.  He checked the placement of the towel.  Then told me to be still and that he was getting Dr. Modlinski.  When you do this stretch your shoulders are supposed to be parallel.  My right shoulder was about 1.5 inches higher than my left.  If felt so tight.  Dr. Modliski started taking pictures, pushing down on my shoulders and poking a spot that hurt!

Life started changing right then.  The following Monday and Wednesday, therapy changed from pain management to pain infliction - no really it was therapy that was to try to loosen my pectoralis minor  muscle.  The pain involved was so extreme.  I have a high pain tolerance, but this was toooooooooo much for me.  Then I had to go back on Wednesday and do it again. 

Thursday was my EMG.  Luckily they only did it on my right arm.  I will have to wait until Friday afternoon to get the results.  He said words like atrophy and nerve damage and slow nerve travel.  All this kinda made me nervous. 

Sorry this is so long.  I wanted to make sure I captured all my thoughts of what happened.  My next post will be about what we find out from Dr. Modlinski.

God is so wonderful. He is there- always.  He led me to the right doctor last summer when I had knee trouble - so I already was at ease with the doctor and physical therapist. I sneezed and had a very minor wreck.   My physical therapist was there when I lost use of my right arm for about a week.  He saw me Thursday (fine) and then on Monday (loss of function).   Dr. Modlinski was there when I lost the blood flow - sitting right next to me.  Dr. Modlinski is willing to think outside the box when his first diagnosis does not seem to fit.  All through this process, it has been so obvious and fun to watch God's hand leading everyone. 

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  1. We have a group of woman that pray for the health concerns of other women. We will add you to the list.