Tuesday, April 26, 2011

God is Good All the Time!

I met with Dr. Robertson last week.  He said I had some signs of TOS but not a clear cut case.  He is very concerned about my right arm weakness.  I told him I would be worried if I were a clear cut case - as I have never had anything medically normal happen to me.

He has referred me to Dr. Urschel at Baylor Dallas, a thoracic surgeon.  This guy is an expert on TOS.  I called to set up an appointment that day.  I had to leave a message and they called me back on Good Friday.  Dr. Urschel is an expert in a rare condition.  Bad news - he is not on my insurance.  This concerned us very much.   Scott and I began to pray about this.  Scott and I talked about it and decided to get his opinion and then if I need surgery, I would find another surgeon.  I was not totally at ease with this decision.  Not the part about Dr. Urschel, but getting another doctor to do the surgery if I need it.  But I also do not want to put my family in financial difficulty. 

Before I can schedule an appointment with Dr.  Urschel,  I have to see Dr. Chase for two different tests.  One is an EMG - let me tell you I am not liking the idea of having to do that again.  Last time I only did it on the right side, this time I have to have it on both sides - YUCK!!!!!  I will see him on May 3rd.  I will then see Dr. Urschel on May 12. 

Yesterday, I was planning to ask Dr. Modlinski to begin looking for another thoracic surgeon - one that would be on our insurance.  I was at physical therapy and told Brian that I was experiencing extreme muscle weakness in my right hand.  He had me do another test that measures the strength of each hand.  My left hand measured 60 pounds of pressure and my right measured 15.    This is not a good.   My hand seems to be getting weaker.

I have always felt God's hand leading me to what is wrong.  I have always felt at peace in everything.  Dr. Modlinski came to talk to me towards the end of my pt session yesterday.  He agrees that I need to see Dr. Urschel.   He also told me that he would write a letter to my insurance company stating that I needed to see this doctor and he would also get Dr. Robertson to do the same.  This would allow us to see Dr. Urschel with in-network benefits.  My peace has returned.  Thank you Lord!

My God is so wonderful!!!!!!!!! God led me to the expert.  God is taking care of the financial end of things.  God is giving complete peace through it all.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

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